Get valuable cost savings in gas and time

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Robust Design & Construction, built to last
  • Designed for fit -up of pipes, flanges, t-pieces, elbows and other fittings
  • Stainless steel feet and fine adjustment screws, perfect for exotic pipework applications
  • Sliding T-Bar locking handle. Ideal for working in tight spots
  • 1-12” pipe diameter clamping range in just 3 clamps
  • Lightweight, suitable for workshop or site work

WS Clamps

The UC three point precision alignment assures accurate fit-up of 1″ through 12″ pipe. The main body of this versatile alignment tool is double-walled steel plate and guaranteed over the life of the product. Its simple, lightweight design has quick action and is ideal for all field and shop fit-up use. The Ultra Clamp covers a wide range of pipe sizes that would normally take four separate tools. And, like all Sumner products, the Ultra Clamp is priced for today’s tight budgets. The WS Clamp can be used on stainless steel without any additional accessories due to the feet and screws being made from stainless steel, preventing contaimination of the pipe.

Available Sizes

Item numberDescriptionPipe size fitImage
441130WS Clamp1-2½”
441150WS Clamp2-6”
441170WS Clamp5-12”
Item numberDescriptionPipe size fitImage
441210WS Green Clamp7/8-2½”
441211WS Green Clamp2½-4½”
441212WS Green Clamp5-8”
441213WS Green Clamp9-12”

Spare parts

Item numberDescriptionFitImage
781147Stainless steel adjustment screws1-2½”
781167Stainless steel adjustment screws6-12"