5 – 1000 PPM

Get valuable cost savings in gas and time

  • Zirconium sensor (5 ppm – 1000 ppm)
  • Ready to work in approx. 10 seconds
  • Integrated pump
  • 4,5 hours of battery runtime (4300 mAh)
  • Diffusion-resistant measurement hose, probe and calibration certificate included
  • Lightweight (300g)
  • 180° turnable display


The WS FOXY is an innovative, handy and reasonably priced measurement device, which works with a durable, wear-proof zirconium sensor. Elaborate charging-management and high-quality built-in components make this device be the market-leader in its industrial sector.

Thanks to the internal position sensor, the pump and heat sensor can be activated by shaking the device. The same sensor makes it possible for the screen to turn 180° depending on the devices position.

In case that the device doesn’t get a measurement-value after 10 minutes working order, it automatically turns off, preserving battery and sensor capacity. The analyzer is coated by a shockproof silicone holster. A key ring is fxed on the bottom side to hang up the device on a pipeline or another item.

Individual parts

Item numberDescriptionImage
9501000WS Foxy (complete set)
9501225Measuring hose for WS Foxy (1 mtr)
9501222Hose for WS Foxy, complete with filter and probe
9502152O₂ sensor for WS Foxy
9502156Pump for WS Foxy
9501228Charging cable (12V, 1000 mA)
9501220Charging cable auto
9101534AccuBlock battery for WS Foxy
9502100Filter for WS Foxy, 43 ч DNO
9501350Calibration WS Foxy