8″ – 36″

Get valuable cost savings in gas and time

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Short purge time
  • Heat resistant up to 340°C (max for 1 h)
  • Airtight in all positions
  • Efficient airing which prevents back pressure
  • Patented triple-sealing lip elements
  • Efficient gas diffuser with high diffusion
  • Tool is one complete unit
  • Suitable for TIG, MIG/MAG and plasma
  • Gas flow rates (L/min) are 10% of internal pipe diameter
WS Plasma

WS Plasma

This tool is especially developed for the plasma welding and cutting processes. The plasma tools consist of two discs, a gas inlet and a gas outlet and a connection piece. When using the plasma welding process, the connection piece must be made of copper. This purge tool is also extremely suitable in situations where one uses preheat and for welding T-joints in tubes of more than 8” diameter.
The tool can be used for other welding processes as well but the purge time is then longer than when using other standard Schnorrer tools. Suitable for use in bends, the tool can be delivered with an extra pull system, consisting of balls and a spring connection piece of optional type and length.

Available Sizes

Item numberDescriptionID mm
1900008WS Plasma 8" (340°C)180-215 mm
1900009WS Plasma 9" (340°C)215-240 mm
1900010WS Plasma 10" (340°C)240-265 mm
1900011WS Plasma 11" (340°C)265-290 mm
1900012WS Plasma 12" (340°C)290-315 mm
1900013WS Plasma 13" (340°C)315-330 mm
1900014WS Plasma 14" (340°C)330-360 mm
1900016WS Plasma 16" (340°C)370-400 mm
1900018WS Plasma 18" (340°C)420-450 mm
1900020WS Plasma 20" (340°C)470-500 mm
1900022WS Plasma 22" (340°C)525-555 mm
1900024WS Plasma 24" (340°C)570-600 mm
1900026WS Plasma 26" (340°C)625-655 mm
1900028WS Plasma 28" (340°C)675-705 mm
1900030WS Plasma 30" (340°C)725-755 mm
1900032WS Plasma 32" (340°C)770-805 mm
1900034WS Plasma 34" (340°C)825-860 mm
1900036WS Plasma 36" (340°C)870-905 mm


Item numberDescriptionImage
1201600Console for Plasma
1201000Ball SS

Spare parts

Item numberDescriptionID mm
1910008WS Plasma 8" inlet180-215 mm
1910009WS Plasma 9" inlet215-240 mm
1910010WS Plasma 10" inlet240-265 mm
1910011WS Plasma 11" inlet265-290 mm
1910012WS Plasma 12" inlet290-315 mm
1910013WS Plasma 13" inlet315-330 mm
1910014WS Plasma 14" inlet330-360 mm
1910016WS Plasma 16" inlet370-400 mm
1910018WS Plasma 18" inlet420-450 mm
1910020WS Plasma 20" inlet470-500 mm
1910022WS Plasma 22" inlet525-555 mm
1910024WS Plasma 24" inlet570-600 mm
1910026WS Plasma 26" inlet625-655 mm
1910028WS Plasma 28" inlet675-705 mm
1910030WS Plasma 30" inlet725-755 mm
1910032WS Plasma 32" inlet770-805 mm
1910034WS Plasma 34" inlet825-860 mm
1910036WS Plasma 36" inlet870-905 mm
Item numberDescriptionID mm
1920008WS Plasma 8" outlet180-215 mm
1920009WS Plasma 9" outlet215-240 mm
1920010WS Plasma 10" outlet240-265 mm
1920011WS Plasma 11" outlet265-290 mm
1920012WS Plasma 12" outlet290-315 mm
1920013WS Plasma 13" outlet315-330 mm
1920014WS Plasma 14" outlet330-360 mm
1920016WS Plasma 16" outlet370-400 mm
1920018WS Plasma 18" outlet420-450 mm
1920020WS Plasma 20" outlet470-500 mm
1920022WS Plasma 22" outlet525-555 mm
1920024WS Plasma 24" outlet570-600 mm
1920026WS Plasma 26" outlet625-655 mm
1920028WS Plasma 28" outlet675-705 mm
1920030WS Plasma 30" outlet725-755 mm
1920032WS Plasma 32" outlet770-805 mm
1920034WS Plasma 34" outlet825-860 mm
1920036WS Plasma 36" outlet870-905 mm
NumberTypeID mmImage
180115008WS Plus sealing for 8” cylinder (340°C)180-215 mm
180115009WS Plus sealing for 9” cylinder (340°C)215-240 mm
180120010WS Plus sealing for 10” cylinder (340°C)240-265 mm
180120011WS Plus sealing for 11” cylinder (340°C)265-290 mm
180125012WS Plus sealing for 12” cylinder (340°C)290-315 mm
180125012WS Plus sealing for 13” cylinder (340°C)315-330 mm
180130014WS Plus sealing for 14” cylinder (340°C)330-360 mm
180135016WS Plus sealing for 16” cylinder (340°C)370-400 mm
180140018WS Plus sealing for 18” cylinder (340°C)420-450 mm
180145020WS Plus sealing for 20” cylinder (340°C)470-500 mm
180155024WS Plus sealing for 24” cylinder (340°C)570-600 mm
180155026WS Plus sealing for 26” cylinder (340°C)625-655 mm
180155028WS Plus sealing for 28” cylinder (340°C)675-705 mm
180171030WS Plus sealing for 30” cylinder (340°C)725-755 mm
180175032WS Plus sealing for 32” cylinder (340°C)770-805 mm
180175034WS Plus sealing for 34” cylinder (340°C)825-860 mm
180186036WS Plus sealing for 36” cylinder (340°C)870-905 mm