Tungsten Grinders

Get valuable cost savings on tungsten electrodes

  • Sealed grinding chamber with dust collector to protect the user
  • Variable angle setting gives more flexibility
  • Wet grinding prevents overheating of the electrode during grinding
  • High grinding speed provides faster grinding and a smooth surface
  • The electrode holder ensures centering of the tip and reduces wastage
  • Less electrode wastage results in a short payback time
UltimaTig Series


The UltimaTigs wet grinding feature ensures a safe work enviroment as well as accurate and prolonged use of tungsten electrodes for TIG welding. The UltimaTig is constructed with a unique disposable container that automatically collects the toxic dust particles and ensures safe disposal. The wet grinding also prevents overheating and damaged electrodes.

The variable angle adjustment and unique clamping system centres the electrode, so that the grinding is carried out in the correct longitudinal direction of the electrode. This increases the quality of the welding seam, as well as the number of re-ignitions between re-grinds.

Individual parts

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Item numberDescriptionPosImage
75491200Liquid container 250 ml-
44520000Grinding console1
44520001Angle adjust unit2
44520002Rear plate for console3
44490512Grinding disc4
44520017Bush for disc5
44490700Plastic inspection cover6
44491120Drain plug8
44520013Rubber for handle9B
44520024Bolt for Stick-out10
44520028Spring for Stick-out12
44520003Rear Plate13
44491711Mounting screw15
71618967Control PCB16
44520011Thread bar17
44520029Bearing housing18
44520004Tightening screw20
40320410Screw for inspection cover21A
41512304Dome washer for screw21B
44520027Bronze bearing outward22A
44520026Bronze bearing inward22B
44520008Logging scale bush24
44520023Barrel for electrode clamp25
4451016xElectrode clamp27
44492600Tapping hose (Ø4 x 60 mm)29
44492610Grease nipple stopper30
44492500Elbow pipe31
44520018Packing ring for bush33
44470213O-ring (Ø13 x 1,5 mm)40
44470312O-ring (Ø12 x 2,5 mm)34
18480012Relief PG936
74250014Mains cable37
44494540Cover for liquid tank38
75494500Liquid tank39
88897910Deck console41
62189220Degree scale43
44470124Rubber pack (membrane)44
44520019Space piece motor45
44520022Stretching screw46
62189222Label (UmtimaTig)47
75494000Liquid conainer 5L-