for titanium

Get valuable cost savings in gas and time

  • Gasdrag TIG welding of pipe work
  • Available in Stainless Steel or Aluminium
  • Covers pipe sizes from 3/8”
  • The Stainless steeltype constructed with Sintered metal diffuser
  • The aluminum type has a Aluminium diffuser with small holes
  • Heat resistant up to 280°C (max for 1 h)
  • UV resistant
  • Laminar flow means zero turbulence in the weld area during purging
WS Gasdrag

WS Gasdrag

When welding special materials, such as stainless steel or titanium outside of a welding chamber, it may be necessary to purge the weld area using a Walter Schnorrer Gasdrag to prevent the weld from oxidizing.

There are two available versions; WS Gas drag SS made from stainless steel and WS Gas drag Alu made from aluminium. Common to both WS Gas drags is the effective gas diffusers that prevents swirls and turbolence in the welding area. Each WS Gas drag SS is equipped with a sintered metal gas diffuser and takes more than one dimention, while the WS Gas drag Alu has easily replacable packing and is economical in use. Both are available for all pipe dimentions as well as sheet materials.

Walter Schnorrer ApS can also produce tailor-made gas drags for special applications, such as water-cooled gas drags for plasma welding.

Available Sizes

5000011WS Gasdrag SS⅜"
5000012WS Gasdrag SS½”
5000013WS Gasdrag SS¾”
5000014WS Gasdrag SS1”
5000001WS Gasdrag SS1 ¼ -1 ½”
5000003WS Gasdrag SS2”
5000005WS Gasdrag SS2 ½ -3”
5000006WS Gasdrag SS3-3 ½”
5000007WS Gasdrag SS3 ½ -4”
5000008WS Gasdrag SS5-8”
5000009WS Gasdrag SS8-16”
5000016WS Gasdrag SSstraight
5000017WS Gasdrag SS90° internal
5000018WS Gasdrag SS90° outside
5000035WS Alu Gasdrag - 40 or 45 mm wide1”
5000036WS Alu Gasdrag - 40 or 45 mm wide1 ¼ -1 ½”
5000037WS Alu Gasdrag - 50 mm wide2“
5000038WS Alu Gasdrag - 55 mm wide2 ½ -3”
5000039WS Alu Gasdrag - 55 mm wide4”
5000040WS Alu Gasdrag - 55 mm wide5”
5000041WS Alu Gasdrag - 55 mm wide6”
5000042WS Alu Gasdrag - 55 mm wide8”
5000043WS Alu Gasdrag - 55 mm wide10”
5000044WS Alu Gasdrag - 55 mm wide12-14”
5000046WS Alu Gasdrag - 55 mm wide16”
5000047WS Alu Gasdrag - 55 mm wide18”
5000048WS Alu Gasdrag - 55 mm wide20-22”
5000050WS Alu Gasdrag - 55 mm wide24-28”
5000060WS Alu GasdragStraight

Spare parts

Item numberDescriptionID
1300031Silicone plate 1,5 mm, 1 m²
1300034Silicone plate 2,0 mm, 1 m²
1300084Silicone 21 mm skirt for Alu Gasdrag 1 meter
1300086Silicone 25 mm skirt for Alu Gasdrag 1 meter


Item numberItem nameImage
17100368 meter argon hose with couplings
16023 / 13024 / 16017 / 16018Quick release coupling for regulators (¼R / ⅜R / ¼L / ⅜L)
9501150 / 9503000 / 9501000Oxygen Analyzer (Serval models available. Read more)
441130 / 441150 / 441170WS Clamps (1-2½" / 2-6" / 6-12")
1305050 / 1305052Alu tape (25 mm x 50 m / 50 mm x 50 m)
1000049Cover Ring (serval sizes available)