Tungsten grinder

Get valuable cost savings on tungsten electrodes

  • Sealed grinding chamber and dust filter to protect the user
  • Variable angle setting gives more flexibility
  • The 3 positions of the diamond disc give optimal utilisation
  • Electrode holder ensures centering of the tip and reduces electrode waste
  • Inspection cover so you can follow the grinding process
  • Powerful motor with speed adjustment


The NEUTRIX tungsten grinder is a handheld machine that enables safe and accurate grinding of electrodes for TIG and plasma welding. It can grind electrodes down to lengths of 19 mm for prolonged use of each electrode. The inspection cover on the grinder makes it easy to follow the grinding process and to ensure that the electrode is not generating sparks during grinding.

The storage case (which also includes all accesories needed) and low weight makes the NEUTRIX ideal for on-site operation. At the same time, the NEUTRIX, is equipped with an integrated dust filter that protects against the harmful grinding dust and collects the dust for safe disposal.

Individual parts

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Item numberDescriptionImage
88896022Neutrix tungsten grinder 230 V 50Hz
88896035Neutrix tungsten grinder 230 V 60Hz
88896020Neutrix tungsten grinder 110 V 50/60Hz
44510008Neutrix Motor 230 V 50Hz
44510006Neutrix Motor 230 V 60Hz
44510005Neutrix Motor 110V 50/60Hz
44510011On/Off switch Neutrix 850 W
44510025Speed regulator Neutrix 850W
44510023Motor brushes (650 W)
44510019Motor brushes (850 W)
44510030Diamond wheel (Ø40 mm)
44510050Electrode holder
44510100Grinding chamber
44510140Guide for electrode holder (SW 17)
44510162Electrode clamp (Ø1,6 mm)
44510164Electrode Clamp (Ø2,4 mm)
44510165Electrode Clamp (Ø3,2 mm)
44510171Electrode clamp (Ø1,0 mm)
44510172Electrode clamp (Ø2,0 mm)
44510174Electrode clamp (Ø4,0 mm)
44511162Electrode clamp (Ø1,6 mm), for short electrodes
44511164Electrode Clamp (Ø2,4 mm), for short electrodes
44511165Electrode Clamp (Ø3,2 mm), for short electrodes
44511171Electrode clamp (Ø1,0 mm), for short electrodes
44511172Electrode clamp (Ø2,0 mm), for short electrodes
44511174Electrode clamp (Ø4,0 mm), for short electrodes
44510200Eccentric plate to select grinding position
44510220Tightening screw NX
44510260Filter casette
44510290Inspection cover
44510390Case for machine with foam
44510270Console Neutrix
44510280Wall mount Neutrix
75505110Grinding disc kit Neutrix