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  • Made from hardened steel
  • non-ferritic
Cutting Guide

Cutting guide made from hardened steel

Cutting guides sold by Walter Schnorrer ApS are ideal for cuts in pipes made from precious metals, since they are made from hardened steel and are non-ferritic.

Available Sizes

Item numberDescriptionDimentions (mm)Weight
701001Cutting guide (13,5)13,5 mm0,6 kg
701000Cutting guide (17,3)17,3 mm0,6 kg
701005Cutting guide (21,3)21,3 mm0,6 kg
701010Cutting guide (26,9)26,9 mm0,7 kg
701015Cutting guide (33,7)33,7 mm0,7 kg
701020Cutting guide (42,4)42,4 mm0,9 kg
701025Cutting guide (48,3)48,3 mm1,0 kg
701030Cutting guide (60,3)60,3 mm2,2 kg
701035Cutting guide (76,0)76,0 mm2,5 kg
701040Cutting guide (88,9)88,9 mm3,2 kg
Item NumberDescriptionDimentions (mm)Weight
701050Cutting guide (1")25,4 mm0,7 kg
701055Cutting guide (1 ¼")31,8 mm0,7 kg
701060Cutting guide (1 ½")38,1 mm0,9 kg
701065Cutting guide (2")50,8 mm1,0 kg
701070Cutting guide (2 ½")63,5 mm2,1 kg
701075Cutting guide (3")76,2 mm2,5 kg
701080Cutting guide (3 ½")88,9 mm2,6 kg
701085Cutting guide (4")101,6 mm2,7 kg
Item NumberDescriptionDimentions (mm)Weight
702000Cutting guide (10)12 mm0,6 kg
702005Cutting guide (15)18 mm0,6 kg
702010Cutting guide (20)22 mm0,6 kg
702015Cutting guide (25)28 mm0,7 kg
702020Cutting guide (32)34 mm0,6 kg
702025Cutting guide (40)40 mm0,9 kg
702030Cutting guide (50)52 mm1,0 kg
702035Cutting guide (65)70 mm1,9 kg
702040Cutting guide (80)85 mm2,1 kg
702045Cutting guide (100)104 mm2,6 kg