145-1000 mm ID

Get valuable cost savings in gas and time

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Short purge time (2,5 min)
  • Heat resistant up to 340°C (max for 1 h)
  • Airtight in all positions
  • Efficient airing which prevents back pressure
  • Patented triple-sealing lip elements
  • Efficient gas diffuser with high diffusion
  • Tool is one complete unit
  • Suitable for TIG and MIG/MAG
  • Gas flow rates (L/min) are 10% of internal pipe diameter
WS Purge Cylinder

WS Purge cylinder

The WS Gas Cylinder is available for pipes from 145 mm to 1000 mm diameter. This tool has two heat-resistant sealing lips, being heat-resistant to 280°C for up to one hour.

The tool has an extremely short purge time of only 2½ minutes for all dimensions, a feature that no other purge tools provide.

The flowrate is 10% of the internal pipe diameter, and 20% if welding titanium

When welding thin-walled pipes with only few elbows, it is recommended to use the WS Gas Cylinder, fitted with a pull ball if necessary.

The difference between the WS and the WS Plus is in the design and heatresistant material of the sealing lips. By changing the lips, e.g. the sealing lips on a 265 mm WS can be replaced with 12” lips, it is possible to weld three different pipe diameters with the same cylinder.

The two tools overlap each other. The choice of product depends on the particular welding application. Factors to consider are, the internal diameter, the number and geometry of the bends, the distance the tool is to be pulled, the wall thickness, any pre-heat, and etc. Only then can a decision be made.

Custom made sizes available upon request. Contact Walter Schnorrer ApS for more info.

Available Sizes

Item numberDescriptionID mm
1000150WS Purge cylinder Ø150 mm 280°C145-155 mm
1000160WS Purge cylinder Ø160 mm 280°C155-165 mm
1000200WS Purge cylinder Ø200 mm 280°C198-208 mm
1000210WS Purge cylinder Ø210 mm 280°C205-215 mm
1000250WS Purge cylinder Ø250 mm 280°C245-255 mm
1000265WS Purge cylinder Ø265 mm 280°C255-267 mm
1000300WS Purge cylinder Ø300 mm 280°C295-307 mm
1000316WS Purge cylinder Ø316 mm 280°C311-321 mm
1000350WS Purge cylinder Ø350 mm 280°C340-350 mm
1000400WS Purge cylinder Ø400 mm 280°C390-400 mm
1000450WS Purge cylinder Ø450 mm 280°C440-450 mm
1000500WS Purge cylinder Ø500 mm 280°C490-500 mm
1000550WS Purge cylinder Ø550 mm 280°C540-550 mm
1000600WS Purge cylinder Ø600 mm 280°C590-600 mm
1000700WS Purge cylinder Ø700 mm 280°C690-700 mm
1000750WS Purge cylinder Ø750 mm 280°C740-750 mm
1000800WS Purge cylinder Ø800 mm 280°C790-800 mm
1000900WS Purge cylinder Ø900 mm 280°C890-900 mm
1001000WS Purge cylinder Ø1000 mm 280°C990-1000 mm

Spare parts

Item numberDescriptionID mmImage
1100150WS Sealing for 150 mm cylinder 280°C145-155 mm
1100160WS Sealing for 160 mm cylinder 280°C155-165 mm
1100200WS Sealing for 200 mm cylinder 280°C198-208 mm
1100210WS Sealing for 210 mm cylinder 280°C205-215 mm
1100250WS Sealing for 250 mm cylinder 280°C245-255 mm
1100265WS Sealing for 265 mm cylinder 280°C255-267 mm
1100300WS Sealing for 300 mm cylinder 280°C295-307 mm
1100316WS Sealing for 316 mm cylinder 280°C311-321 mm
1100350WS Sealing for 350 mm cylinder 280°C340-350 mm
1100400WS Sealing for 400 mm cylinder 280°C390-400 mm
1100450WS Sealing for 450 mm cylinder 280°C440-450 mm
1100500WS Sealing for 500 mm cylinder 280°C490-500 mm
1100550WS Sealing for 550 mm cylinder 280°C540-550 mm
1100600WS Sealing for 600 mm cylinder 280°C590-600 mm
1100700WS Sealing for 700 mm cylinder 280°C690-700 mm
1100750WS Sealing for 750 mm cylinder 280°C740-750 mm
1100800WS Sealing for 800 mm cylinder 280°C790-800 mm
1100900WS Sealing for 900 mm cylinder 280°C890-900 mm
1101000WS Sealing for 1000 mm cylinder 280°C990-1000 mm


Item numberDescription Image
1200150Pull ball 150 (Ø125)
1200160Pull ball 160 (Ø155)
1200200Pull ball 200 (Ø190)
1200250Pull ball 250 (Ø230)
1200300Pull ball 300 (Ø280)
1200400Pull ball 400 (Ø360)
Item numberDescription Image
1710010Pull device insulated X 10 meters long
1715000Pull device 2 mm X 10 meters long
1710013Pull device 3 mm X 10 meters long
1710020Stainless Steel Hook
1710021Quick link SS
1200600Pipe eel 4,2 mm Ø40 meters long
1200650Pipe eel 7,2 mm Ø40 meters long
1100115Metal band clamp (for replacing sealing)