16-270 mm ID

Get valuable cost savings in gas and time

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Short purge time
  • Heat resistant up to 340°C (max for 1 h)
  • Airtight in all positions
  • Efficient airing which prevents back pressure
  • Patented triple-sealing lip elements
  • Efficient gas diffuser with high diffusion
  • Tool is one complete unit
  • Suitable for TIG, MIG/MAG and plasma
  • Gas flow rates (L/min) are 10% of internal pipe diameter
SC Flange Cone

SC Flange Cone

The SC Profi range has been extended to include the SC Flange-Cone, a versatile tool designed for the welding of flanges, couplings, and short pipe lengths.

The tool consists of an aluminium cone, a gas connection pipe and the wellknown and proven SC Profi disc with an integrated sintered stainless steel gas diffuser. The construction of the gas diffuser guarantees a laminar flow of gas without turbulence during purging and the welding process. Gas flow rates in litres/minute during purging are 10% of the internal diameter (mm) of the pipe, and typical purging times are less than 1.5 minutes.

A further advantage of the SC Flange-Cone is that it can be used as an alignment tool to hold the pipe sections together and centre them at the same time.

SC Flange-Cone is able to be used on pipe internal diameters from 16-270 mm.

Custom made sizes available upon request. Contact Walter Schnorrer ApS for more info.

Available Sizes

A complete unit consists of one cone, one connection and one special inlet

SC Flange Cone kegle display

Flange Cone

SC Flange Cone forbindelse display


SC Flange Cone indgang display

Special Inlet

Item numberDescriptionID mmImage
180100SC Flange cone16-39 mm
180101SC Flange cone34-80 mm
180102SC Flange cone80-116 mm
180103SC Flange cone118-168 mm
180104SC Flange cone168-216 mm
180105SC Flange cone215-270 mm
Item numberDescriptionLength (mm)Image
16020Nippel M5 X ⅛ SS-
16025Nippel ⅛-⅛ SS-
16019Nippel Muffe M5 (outer) - ⅛" (inner)-
1705652Gas connection pipe ⅛"40 mm
1705653Gas connection pipe ⅛"60 mm
1705654Gas connection pipe ⅛"100 mm
1705655Gas connection pipe ⅛"150 mm
Item numberDescriptionID mmImage
1712017SC Profi 17 mm special inlet13-16 mm
1712021SC Profi 21 mm special inlet16-20 mm
1712024SC Profi 24 mm special inlet18-23 mm
1712030SC Profi 30 mm special inlet23-29 mm
1712039SC Profi 39 mm special inlet29-38 mm
1712045SC Profi 45 mm special inlet36-43 mm
1712057SC Profi 57 mm special inlet42-53 mm
1712060SC Profi 60 mm special inlet45-58 mm
1712070SC Profi 70 mm special inlet55-67 mm
1712082SC Profi 82 mm special inlet68-80 mm
1712095SC Profi 95 mm special inlet79-92 mm
1712117SC Profi 117 mm special inlet98-114 mm
1712145SC Profi 145 mm special inlet120-136 mm
1712176SC Profi 176 mm special inlet150-168 mm
1712182SC Profi 182 mm special inlet155-170 mm
1712220SC Profi 220 mm special inlet190-205 mm
1712231SC Profi 231 mm special inlet195-215 mm
1912008SC Profi 8" Special inlet180-215 mm
1912010SC Plasma 9" Special inlet215-240 mm
1912010SC Plasma 10" Special inlet240-265 mm

Spare parts

Item numberDescriptionSizeImage
1706017SC Profi Disc (double sealing)Ø 17 mm
1706021SC Profi Disc (double sealing)Ø 21 mm
1706024SC Profi Disc (double sealing)Ø 24 mm
1706030SC Profi Disc (triple sealing)Ø 30 mm
1706039SC Profi Disc (triple sealing)Ø 39 mm
1706045SC Profi Disc (triple sealing)Ø 45 mm
1706057SC Profi Disc (triple sealing)Ø 57 mmSC Profi disc Ø57mm
1706060SC Profi Disc (triple sealing)Ø 60 mm
1706070SC Profi Disc (triple sealing)Ø 70 mm
1706082SC Profi Disc (triple sealing)Ø 82 mm
1706095SC Profi Disc (triple sealing)Ø 95 mm
1706117SC Profi Disc (triple sealing)Ø 117 mm
1706145SC Profi Disc (triple sealing)Ø 145 mm
1706176SC Profi Disc (triple sealing)Ø 176 mm
1706182SC Profi Disc (triple sealing)Ø 182 mm
1706220SC Profi Disc (triple sealing)Ø 220 mm
1706231SC Profi Disc (triple sealing)Ø 231 mm
Item numberDescriptionSizeSuitable forImage
1707017Gas diffuser-SC Profi Ø: 17 mm
1707021Gas diffuser-SC Profi Ø: 21 mm
1707024Gas diffuser-SC Profi Ø: 24 mm
1707030Gas diffuser, sinter metal17,5 mm x 13 mmSC Profi Ø: 30 mm
1707039Gas diffuser, sinter metal17,5 mm x 13 mmSC Profi Ø: 39 mm
1707045Gas diffuser, sinter metal17,5 mm x 13 mmSC Profi Ø: 45 mm
1707057Gas diffuser, sinter metal25 mm x 4 mmSC Profi Ø: 57 mm
1707060Gas diffuser, sinter metal25 mm x 4 mmSC Profi Ø: 60 mm
1707070Gas diffuser, sinter metal35 mm x 4 mmSC Profi Ø: 70 mm
1707082Gas diffuser, sinter metal48 mm x 4 mmSC Profi Ø: 82 mm
1707095Gas diffuser, sinter metal55 mm x 4 mmSC Profi Ø: 95 mm
1707117Gas diffuser, sinter metal60 mm x 5 mmSC Profi Ø: 117 mm
1707145Gas diffuser, sinter metal70 mm x 5 mmSC Profi Ø: 145 mm
1707176Gas diffuser, sinter metal102 mm x 5 mmSC Profi Ø: 176 mm
1707182Gas diffuser, sinter metal102 mm x 5 mmSC Profi Ø: 182 mm
1707220Gas diffuser, sinter metal126 mm x 5 mmSC Profi Ø: 220 mm
1707231Gas diffuser, sinter metal126 mm x 5 mmSC Profi Ø: 231 mm
Item numberDescriptionSuitable forImage
1710011Adaptor M10*1 for Special InletsFlange special inlet Ø: 57-231 mm
1710007Sealing for AdaptorsAdaptor M10*1 for Special Inlets
1710030Special argon hose, dry flowAny SC Flange Cone
1710040Quick coupling 6mm series 21Any SC Flange Cone
1710041Nipple for quick coupling series 21Any SC Flange Cone
Spring smallSC Flange Cone 18-39mm
Spring mediumSC Flange Cone 34-80mm, 80-116mm and 118-168mm
Spring LargeSC Flange Cone 168-210mm and 215-290mm
1705653Gas connection pipe ⅛" 60mmAny SC Flange Cone
1705656Muffe ⅛" SSAny SC Flange Cone
17157Rectusnipple ¼" for SC Flange ConeAny SC Flange Cone
Steel disc for SC Flange ConeAny SC Flange Cone


Item numberItem nameImage
17100368 meter argon hose with couplings
16023 / 13024 / 16017 / 16018Quick release coupling for regulators (¼R / ⅜R / ¼L / ⅜L)
9501150 / 9503000 / 9501000Oxygen Analyzer (Serval models available. Read more)
441130 / 441150 / 441170WS Clamps (1-2½" / 2-6" / 6-12")
1305050 / 1305052Alu tape (25 mm x 50 m / 50 mm x 50 m)
1000049Cover Ring (serval sizes available)