8-40″ ID

Get valuable cost savings in gas and time

  • Pipe from 8-40“
  • Purge time 2½ minutes
  • Effective airing
  • Fast and easy to mount
  • Suitable for TIG and MIG/MAG
  • Complete unit
  • Heat resistant up to 340°C (max for 1 h)
  • Can be pulled through bends with help from a pull system
  • Customer – tailored dimensions also!
WS Plus Cylinder

WS Plus cylinder

For pipes from 8″ to 40″ the WS Plus purge gas cylinder is available. This tool is developed with double heat resistant sealing lips. The WS Plus purge gas cylinder is heat resistant up to 340ºC (max 1 hour). The tool has an extremely short purge time only 2½ minutes for all dimensions, which no other purge tool can provide.

The flowrate is 10% of the internal pipe diameter, and 20% if welding titanium

The WS Plus purge gas cylinder is suitable for Offshore, and when mounted with a pull system (extra equipment)  it goes through several bends without any problems.

The difference between WS og WS Plus is the design, the material (heat resistance) and the price. By changing the lips e.g. the sealing lips on a 10 WS can be supplied with a 12”, it is possible to weld three different tube diameters with the same cylinder. The WS Plus has longer sealings. This secures, that the tool always is tight, also in situations where bends are welded.

Custom made sizes available upon request. Contact Walter Schnorrer ApS for more info.

Available Sizes

NumberTypeID mm
1815008WS Plus Gas cylinder 8” (340°C)180-215
1815009WS Plus Gas cylinder 9” (340°C)215-240
1820010WS Plus Gas cylinder 10” (340°C)240-265
1820011WS Plus Gas cylinder 11“ (340°C)265-290
1825012WS Plus Gas cylinder 12” (340°C)290-315
1825013WS Plus Gas cylinder 13“ (340°C)315-330
1830014WS Plus Gas cylinder 14” (340°C)330-360
1835016WS Plus Gas cylinder 16” (340°C)370-400
1840018WS Plus Gas cylinder 18” (340°C)420-450
1845020WS Plus Gas cylinder 20” (340°C)470-500
1855024WS Plus Gas cylinder 24“ (340°C)570-600
1855026WS Plus Gas cylinder 26” (340°C)625-655
1855028WS Plus Gas cylinder 28” (340°C)675-705
1871030WS Plus Gas cylinder 30” (340°C)725-755
1875032WS Plus Gas cylinder 32” (340°C)770-805
1875034WS Plus Gas cylinder 34” (340°C)825-860
1886036WS Plus Gas cylinder 36” (340°C)870-905

Spare parts

NumberTypeID mmImage
180115008WS Plus sealing for 8” cylinder (340°C)180-215 mm
180115009WS Plus sealing for 9” cylinder (340°C)215-240 mm
180120010WS Plus sealing for 10” cylinder (340°C)240-265 mm
180120011WS Plus sealing for 11” cylinder (340°C)265-290 mm
180125012WS Plus sealing for 12” cylinder (340°C)290-315 mm
180125012WS Plus sealing for 13” cylinder (340°C)315-330 mm
180130014WS Plus sealing for 14” cylinder (340°C)330-360 mm
180135016WS Plus sealing for 16” cylinder (340°C)370-400 mm
180140018WS Plus sealing for 18” cylinder (340°C)420-450 mm
180145020WS Plus sealing for 20” cylinder (340°C)470-500 mm
180155024WS Plus sealing for 24” cylinder (340°C)570-600 mm
180155026WS Plus sealing for 26” cylinder (340°C)625-655 mm
180155028WS Plus sealing for 28” cylinder (340°C)675-705 mm
180171030WS Plus sealing for 30” cylinder (340°C)725-755 mm
180175032WS Plus sealing for 32” cylinder (340°C)770-805 mm
180175034WS Plus sealing for 34” cylinder (340°C)825-860 mm
180186036WS Plus sealing for 36” cylinder (340°C)870-905 mm
NumberTypeID mmImage
180215008Metal band for WS Plus 8” cylinder sealing (340°C)180-215 mm
180215009Metal band for WS Plus 9” cylinder sealing (340°C)215-240 mm
180220010Metal band for WS Plus 10” cylinder sealing (340°C)240-265 mm
180220011Metal band for WS Plus 11” cylinder sealing (340°C)265-290 mm
180225012Metal band for WS Plus 12” cylinder sealing (340°C)290-315 mm
180225012Metal band for WS Plus 13” cylinder sealing (340°C)315-330 mm
180230014Metal band for WS Plus 14” cylinder sealing (340°C)330-360 mm
180235016Metal band for WS Plus 16” cylinder sealing (340°C)370-400 mm
180240018Metal band for WS Plus 18” cylinder sealing (340°C)420-450 mm
180245020Metal band for WS Plus 20” cylinder sealing (340°C)470-500 mm
180255024Metal band for WS Plus 24” cylinder sealing (340°C)570-600 mm
180255026Metal band for WS Plus 26” cylinder sealing (340°C)625-655 mm
180255028Metal band for WS Plus 28” cylinder sealing (340°C)675-705 mm
180271030Metal band for WS Plus 30” cylinder sealing (340°C)725-755 mm
180275032Metal band for WS Plus 32” cylinder sealing (340°C)770-805 mm
180275034Metal band for WS Plus 34” cylinder sealing (340°C)825-860 mm
180286036Metal band for WS Plus 36” cylinder sealing (340°C)870-905 mm


Item numberDescriptionImage
1201500Console 8-9"
1201510Console 10"
1201511Console 11"
1201603Console 12-16"
1201602Console 18-40"
1201000Ball SS
1201005Complete console 8-9" with 6 balls
1201010Complete console 10" with 6 balls
1201011Complete console 11" with 6 balls
1201012Complete console 12-16" with 6 balls
1201015Complete console 18-30" with 8 balls
1201020Complete console 32-40" with 12 balls
Item numberDescription Image
1200150Pull ball 150 (Ø125)
1200160Pull ball 160 (Ø155)
1200200Pull ball 200 (Ø190)
1200250Pull ball 250 (Ø230)
1200300Pull ball 300 (Ø280)
1200400Pull ball 400 (Ø360)
Item numberDescription Image
1710010Pull device insulated X 10 meters long
1715000Pull device 2 mm X 10 meters long
1710013Pull device 3 mm X 10 meters long
1710020Stainless Steel Hook
1710021Quick link SS
1200600Pipe eel 4,2 mm Ø40 meters long
1200650Pipe eel 7,2 mm Ø40 meters long
1100115Metal band clamp (for replacing sealing)