1″ – 4″ nozzle

Get valuable cost savings in gas and time

  • For nozzle pipes on tubes and vessels
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Short purge time
  • Heat resistant up to 280°C (max for 1 h)
  • Sintered metal gas diffuser
  • Tool is one complete unit
WS Purge Umbrella

WS Purge Umbrella

The WS Purge Umbrella is a tool used for purging when welding nozzles onto tubes and vessels.

The cone itself is custom made for each specific job, and is replacable so one umbrella can be used for a long time. The cone is heat resistant up to 280°C for one hour, giving the welder plenty of time to finish the weld.

Available Sizes

Item numberDescriptionMain pipe "
13100010Umbrella 1" nozzle8-10"
13100012Umbrella 1½" nozzle8-10"
13100014Umbrella 1½" nozzle12-14"
13100016Umbrella 1½" nozzle16-30"
13100018Umbrella 2" nozzle8-10"
13100020Umbrella 2" nozzle12-14"
13100022Umbrella 2" nozzle16-30"
13100024Umbrella 3" nozzle8-10"
13100026Umbrella 3" nozzle12-14"
13100028Umbrella 3" nozzle16-30"
13100030Umbrella 4" nozzle8-10"
13100032Umbrella 4" nozzle12-14"
13100034Umbrella 4" nozzle16-30"

Spare parts

Item numberDescriptionImage
130010Spare Cone (Custom made every time)


Item numberItem nameImage
9501150 / 9503000 / 9501000Oxygen Analyzer (Serval models available. Read more)
1305050 / 1305052Alu tape (25 mm x 50 m / 50 mm x 50 m)